How Can You Order Any Products Of Projukti Priyo shop From Facebook?

The information for the customers of Projukti Priyo Shop, you can order the product of your choice from Facebook if you want. We provide this opportunity keeping in mind the convenience of the customers. Visit our Projukti Priyo official page to order your favorite product from Facebook. Then you message our page by writing the following 4 details.

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your full address.
  3. Your active phone number.
  4. Product name Or product Code.
    • What Is Product Code?
      Product code is a series of unique numbers that are used to identify a particular product in Projukti Priyo Shop.
      Where Do You Find The Product Code?
      The product code is written below the product name on each product page of the Projukti Priyo Shop website. From there you copy the code of the product you want to purchase.